Flockin’ Around the Tutu Tree

In keeping with our yearly tradition, we present the lyrics of a popular Christmas song, rewritten dancer-style. Sing along to the tune of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!”


Flockin’ around the tutu tree

See the costumes piled high

Tulle as fluffy as bunny fur

And it’s stacked up to the sky!

Flockin’ around the tutu tree

View the sequins sparkling

Silver and gold and ruby red

It’s amazing how much bling!


You will feel so dazzled and inspired till you sniff

Elastic rotting, sweat stains spotting

Reeks so bad you might run hollering!


Flockin’ around the tutu tree

Though the stench is rather fraught

That’s because the dancers’ waists

Got really stinkin’ hot!

tutu tree


Happy Holidays from Stance on Dance!