A Dancer’s Thanksgiving


You call yourself a dancer, but how dedicated are you? Have you, for instance, structured your whole Thanksgiving dinner around dance? No?

Well then check out our menu!


First up, we serve basic Butoh biscuits. We don’t want to get your blood pressure going by starting out with fast exciting appetizers!

Thanksgiving butoh biscuit

For the salad course, how about some salsa ensalada? The sexier…err zestier… the better!

Thanksgiving zesy salad

Our main entrée consists of ham-hen hip-hop. Haven’t heard of it? It’s a hot new dish off the streets, though staunch turkey traditionalists won’t acknowledge it as a legitimate dance form entrée for decades. Served alongside contra coleslaw and belly beans, it’s your basic fusion dish!

Thanksgiving ham hen hip hop

For drinks, sip an improvisational ice tea (don’t plan what tea bag you throw in). Looking to libate? Try a Tap Dance Tequila (listen to those ice cubes clink), or a Jazzed Up Johnny Walker (served with jazz hands).

Thanksgiving tapping tequila

For dessert, enjoy ballerina sweet buns (pun intended) and flamenco flan. If you’re really a fan of the flan, feel free to call out, “¡Olé!”

Thanksgiving sweet buns

Happy Thanksgiving! Stance on Dance is thankful for your readership! Now go eat!