I Want to Give You the Lines

Happy National Poetry Month from Stance on Dance!


I want to give you the lines

from my palms,

give you the twisting circuitry

of my heart,

the music

of valves with blood rushing through,

the flutter

of eyelashes brushing skin;


give you lock of hair,

brown and curled like brambles

or like ocean’s splashing

and currents meeting currents;


give you half moon of ear,

lobes like petals,

close to neck that drops

as cliff-face to collarbone shores;


give you rib ridges and belly button –

a secret hiding place; give you eye’s protecting brow,

hip’s blade and arcing wing

like angels lifting legs;

give you sacrum’s cup and shield,

ankle’s importance, foot’s arch,

holding you high;


give you shell-of-my-back,

a thin shield to keep

wind and sand rushing by

and away, give you flesh and bone

to let them go.

Give You The Lines

Sebastian Grubb is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher, and runs Sebastian’ss Functional Fitness, an outdoor fitness program based in San Francisco. Learn more at www.sebastiangrubb.com.

Camille Taft is a seventeen-year-oldĀ dancer living in Longmont, CO, who has trained throughout her life in primarily ballet and modern dance. With both her parents as visual artists, she has always appreciated the excitement that comes from a collaboration of mixed media, and was thus overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with Stance on Dance.