Choice Compliments To Give A Dancer


Everyone likes compliments, especially us vain dancers. In honor of National Compliment Day (celebrated annually on January 24th), compliment a dancer near you! Need some tips? We’re here to help!


See a dancer on the street? Casually ask her/him: “Excuse me, are you a dancer? I couldn’t help but notice your gorgeous _______ (insert muscle group here).”

Compliments bunion - street

Out to eat with a dancer? Try: “Your metabolism is amazing! I wish I could eat like that and have your figure!”

Compliments bunion - eat anything

Here’s one we could all afford to hear more often: “How do you keep your feet so soft and sexy?!”

Compliments bunion - nice feetHere are some one-liners that never hurt:

“It seems like you hardly ever sweat!”

“Nice _______ (insert article of dancewear…our favorite to compliment is…you guessed it, a dance belt)!”

And, of course, the ultimate compliment: “Want to dance with me?”

Compliments bunion - conversation

Remember, what comes around goes around! Give a compliment, get a compliment in return!