#tbt Nutcracker All The Way

This December on Stance on Dance, we’ve taken #tbt to another level. (FYI, #tbt is the hashtag for throw-back Thursday, as in posting funny old photos of yourself from the 90s on Facebook.) What better way to celebrate the holidays than to share some darling ol’ Nutcracker photos from some of Stance on Dance’s readers and fans.

And remember, as one crass sixth grade boy once said, just be glad you didn’t get cast as the nut cracker!



Among other absurdities in the second act… why is there a whole waltz of the flowers when it’s December?

Nutcracker - EJ2


Perhaps the best part is spending inordinate amounts of time backstage preparing for a couple minutes of prime time.

Nutcracker - backstage


If snowflakes really had pointe shoes, winter weather would be a lot worse than it already is!

Nutcracker - Alana4


There’s nothing like moving up in the world from Napoleonic soldier to full-fledged snowflake.

Nutcracker - Alana5~~