#tbt The Nutcracker Fun Continues

This December on Stance on Dance, we’re taking #tbt to another level. (FYI, #tbt is the hashtag for throw-back Thursday, as in posting funny old photos of yourself from the 90s on Facebook.) What better way to celebrate the holidays than to share some darling ol’ Nutcracker photos from some of Stance on Dance’s readers and fans.

Nutcracker compilation 12-10

As a party girl, it was important to wear eyeliner completely different than how you would ever normally wear eye makeup to a party, because without those Egyptian lines, the stage lights would make your eyes disappear.


This soldier didn’t get the memo she was supposed to shoot the rat-king, not her own team! (#SoldierGoneRogue)

Nutcracker - Kaitlin Parks 2 002

… because a mesh belly and high neck is far less suggestive than looking like a real Arabian belly dancer and baring it all!

Nutcracker - Emmaly 002

The Nutcracker must be responsible for single-handedly keeping curlers available for retail, because without those bouncy ringlets, you were screwed.

Nutcracker - Malinda LaVelle