The Bunion: How to Woo a Dancer


This coming Valentine’s Day, woo your dancer crush with these helpful tips!

  1. Mention you love to stretch and how it’s an important part of your regular work-out (and then go start stretching!).
  2. Suggest a cozy night of wine and White Nights (but be prepared for all the attention to be on Barry… as in Baryshnikov).
  3. Absentmindedly start to flex your calves and point your feet while cooking dinner (but don’t fall over or hurt yourself).
  4. Ask if your dancer crush has checked out one of your fav websites – Stance on Dance (a sure fire way to win a date).
  5. Put a rose between your teeth and pirouette down to one knee while playing the Spanish tune from the Nutcracker softly in the background (it’ll win ‘em over every time).

Vday Bunion

Happy Lover’s Day!