The Bunion: Shake Your Tail Feather


This Thanksgiving, don’t let the turkey take center stage. Show your family and friends all the ways to dance like a bird:

The Bluebird: Wear all blue and leap really high.

Bunion_Shake Your Tail Feather-page-002

The Dying Swan: Dress up in white feathers, play dramatic music and pretend to die.

Bunion_Shake Your Tail Feather-page-003 - Copy

The Firebird: DON’T light yourself on fire. Just be hot!

Bunion_Shake Your Tail Feather-page-003

The Chicken Dance: Nanananananana.

Bunion_Shake Your chicken feather

The Hummingbird: Move really really fast.

Bunion_Shake Your Tail Feather-page-001

The Stuffed Turkey: Eat an entire stuffed turkey and fall asleep in your chair.

Bunion_Shake Your Tail Feather-page-002 - Copy

Happy Thanksgiving!