The Wrong Choice of Undergarments

When you shouldn’t have worn bright orange underwear…

From John Jeffords:

I was doing Peter and the Wolf at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. It was like glorified children’s theatre and a pretty quick rehearsal process which meant that our “dress rehearsal” was in front of an audience of thousands of kids on a field trip. My costume had these aristocratic super high-waisted pants, and at one point in my first number I had to do a big wide plié in second and roll somebody over my back….RIP! The crotch of my pants ripped seriously a good seven inches, and it was supposed to be this triumphant show-off number where I ended on one knee, arms up, full of pride and masculine strength! …except that this would have exposed my bright orange underwear to all of the children so I had to be as triumphant as possible while twisting my legs away from the audience and sheepishly hiding my crotch…

Luckily I was able to slip off stage in the next scene and get sewn back up. And for the next day they added extra fabric in the crotch area. Saved the day!

John Jeffords

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