The Trouble Laugh

When your director has specifically told you to not laugh… and then your partner’s pants rips.

From Stephanie Salts:

One of my biggest issues at work is giggling. I think things are funny. I’m a little goofy (but my work is always my priority). My director has a lot of patience but sometimes he says enough is enough. 

He told me this before we had a costume run with several people watching, including my partner’s father. 

I was doing okay, feeling a little less energized as I moved through the choreography, (because honestly who gets energy when they are told to stop having fun?) and then there was a mishap. 

My partner was trying new pants and on a throw and catch, the crotch just blew. I felt the vibration of the tear through his body! And I was now having a miserable time trying to hold back laughter. People were watching and he was giggling. Tough times. Tough times when the crotch goes. 

Stephanie Salts

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