The Shimmy Switch

When you accidentally switch costumes with the dancer next to you who is definitely a different size, and then you are asked to shimmy…

From Jessica Bremner:

I was in a high school dance troupe and we were doing a jazz routine to “Teach Me How to Shimmy” by Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©. The costume was a red halter dress with gold fringe (to accentuate the shimmy). I have always had an ample bosom for shaking. But I had a quick change and my dress was backstage with another girl’s dress (she too had a quick change). In the chaos of the dark wing our dresses got switched. She was an extremely tiny girl and her dress was a small while mine was a large. So not only was I wearing a dress two sizes too small but half way through the dance the Velcro popped holding up the halter straps. Luckily I caught the top before I flashed my entire high school, however, I was dead center and had no way of fixing the top or sneaking discretely off stage. In addition, it was the night we were filming our show so my near nip slip is forever immortalized.

Jessica Bremner

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