There’s Nothing More Manly than Dancing


Let’s be honest: there is no one manlier than a male dancer. The muscles, the form, the power; we can all admit that a good male dancer is the very essence of machismo. That’s why we bring you MAN MONTH here on Stance on Dance. May will feature a variety of content covering the male dancer experience. So let’s start off with experiencing some manly dance!


Please pass the biscuits!

You know better than to see a show dry, but now that you know it’s MAN MONTH, you’re probably wondering what the appropriate macho drink is to bring in your flask.

Well, if you’re going to see something that involves tights, leaps and dance belts, bring a Stuffed – two parts vodka, one part white port and one green olive. Serve in a chilled flask.


If you’re going to see some dudes do the robot dance, bring a Stiff – straight scotch. And don’t you dare water it down.


If you’re going to see something along the lines of this male tango for two, bring a Bromance – crush some ice into your flask and add coffee liqueur, vodka and amaretto. Finish with a dash of cinnamon.


And if you find yourself watching tap dance, make sure you’re drinking a Tap That – layer peppermint schnapps, Kahlua and rum in your flask and burn for 15 seconds. Yep, you read that right. Light that fire.

Okay, enough said. Enjoy the inherent manliness of dance.