The Bunion: Sleeping Beauty…or the Ugly Insomniac

By Emmaly Wiederholt and Maggie Stack

A story of love, intrigue and… sleep loss? Aurora, otherwise known as the beauty in Sleeping Beauty, can’t sleep! That’s because there’s a police helicopter that circles around her neighborhood and she stays up too late watching Downton Abbey or Mad Men and then as soon as she hits the lights to try to sneak in a few hours of sleep her cellphone lights up with texts from her crush – that daring prince trying to wake her up, only he doesn’t know she’s not asleep! She napped for a few hours around 8pm after drinking a bit too much wine but her circadian rhythms are so fucked up at this point and she’s been procrastinating work due in the morning she might as well start drinking coffee now, at 2am, and keep that coffee medicating her bloodstream until tomorrow when she sits down at her computer to get more work done and falls asleep for twenty minutes, face-planted on her keyboard, drooling.

Sound like a great ballet dramaturgy? May we present: The Ugly Insomniac.

She might have been a beauty at one point, but no amount of stage make-up can cover those circles. When her prince finally finds her he’s appalled and tries to convince her to glug Nyquil and sleep for God’s sake!


Coming soon to a ballet company near you!