January’s Dance-Flask Listing

By Ryan Kelley and Emmaly Wiederholt


There once was a dance enthusiast

Of all the arts he loved dance best

Each month he planned his calendar

To catch dance shows both near and far


But nary a show could he sit through

Without libation, cocktail or brew

No dance show ever felt complete

Without flask in hand and butt in seat


He sits and watches, drinks and burps

But God forbid he ever slurps

His heart grows warm, he starts to cry

He knows good dance is never dry


Ryan, your dance-enthusiast-aficionado, blows off girlfriends and wastes untold savings in savage anticipation of the hottest dance pieces premiering around California. He’s diligently planning his dance calendar for next month, perfecting each flask concoction.

So what dance shows are on the dance-flask menu this month?


Pre-gaming. We do it for sports; why not for dance?

ALTERNATIVA, Sara Shelton Mann & Christine Bonansea

P.O.V. Weekend 1 features “Apparition” by ALTERNATIVA, “Hybrid 3” by Sara Shelton Mann, and “Floaters #1” by Christine Bonansea.

Drink Selection: I need to thank ALTERNATIVA for the 90s inspiration. Let’s make a “Smells like Teen Spirit.” Jack Daniels, sweet tea and Midori.  Float with Blue Curaco for “Floaters #1.”  For “Hybrid 3” I’ll be sipping a “Prius Bumper Sticker Slammer.” Malibu, amaretto, sweet and sour, and splash of orange juice. 

Fri-Sat, Jan 3-4, 8:30pm, $15-20

KUNST-STOFF Arts, One Grove St, San Francisco



Mary Armentrout

“Reveries and elegies” is a site specific performance project about change and dislocation, meandering through space and time.

Drink Selection: Meandering through space and time, eh? I am always looking for an excuse to revisit the 90s (clearly).  Thanks to this piece I am planning on mixing up a “Space Jam.” Citrus vodka, lime juice and jam. Pour, ice, shake and PUMP UP THE JAM.

Sat-Sun, Jan 4-5, 4:15pm; Jan 11-12, 4:30pm; Jan 18-19, 4:30pm; Jan 25-26; 4:45pm, $20

Milkbar, 851 81st St, Oakland



The Wooden Floor

The Wooden Floor is a Santa Ana based dance company comprised of under-served youth. The company’s latest program features choreography by Herb Alpert Award-winner Susan Rethorst, New York-based choreographer Ivy Baldwin, and the company’s artistic director, Melanie Ríos Glaser.

Drink Selection: In honor of this great non-profit, I am flasking “The Giving Tree.” Gin, Framboise, lemon juice, one teaspoon of egg white and five raspberries.  Pour over ice, shake, top with soda water.  Please note, more than four…you end up on the floor.  Please drink responsibly.

Fri-Sat, Jan 17-18, 8:30 pm, $20

Redcat, 631 W. 2nd St, Los Angeles



Printz Dance Project

Over two years in the making, “Hover Space” takes athletic prowess to a new dimension on a tilting, hovering stage.

Drink Selection: A tilting, hovering stage? WOW.  Let’s make a “Danger Zone” (it tastes better than the friend zone).  Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, lemon-aid and sweet tea.

Fri, Jan 17, 8pm, $20-25

Old Town Temecula Community Theater, 42051 Main Street, Temecula



Lisa Townsend Dance

“FuGa: to chase or to flee” explores the aesthetic and dynamics found in film noir Cherchez la femme (look for the woman), a kinetic high contrast dream whose protagonist seduces her audience through the identities and words of women characters in film noir.

Drink Selection: Stir up a “Chase-Her.” Chop up pears, oranges, apples and pineapple.  In a shaker full of ice add in red wine, blackberry brandy, peach schnapps and dash of triple sec.  Shake and drain into flask.  If made properly you won’t need a chaser, but careful – she’s a strong one. 

Thu-Fri, Jan 23-24, 8pm, $10-20

The Garage, 715 Bryant St, San Francisco




In “Meeting the Artist,” choreographer Danielle Agami offers an intimate look at a new creation, encouraging conversation and interaction between the artists and audience.

Drink Selection: A common question when meeting a dance artist is, “Can you do the splits?” Thus for this piece I am bringing a “Dancing Banana Split.” Banana liqueur, vodka, and a splash of amaretto. Rim your flask with amaretto and crushed vanilla waver cookies (repeat as necessary – that rim coating will only last about one sip).

Fri-Sat, Jan 24-25, 8pm, $15

Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th St, Santa Monica



Wayne McGregor and Random Dance

Inspired by the Age of Enlightenment and by the 18th century French philosopher Diderot’s very first set of encyclopedia, “Far” is both physical and immediate, yet intensely cerebral.

Drink Selection: Drink outside the flask for this one folks. It’s all about individualism here so pick a drink and container that you think best suites this performance. I’ll be drinking an “Encyclopedia Brown.” Muddle blueberries, cinnamon, simple syrup and Bulleit Bourbon together, shake over ice. I’ll be drinking out of a slick-looking thermos. 

Sat, Jan 24, 8pm and 11pm,

Royce Hall at UCLA, 10745 Dickson Plaza, Los Angeles


cherryfinalFit this in your flask and run to the nearest dance venue!