The Dance Falls of December – The Martha

By Emmaly Wiederholt


In this post-post-post-post-post modern dance world where we’ve stopped counting posts and where no one’s sure where choreography is headed, I’d like to take a time out and tell you exactly where choreography is headed (to the floor) and how to get there (you fall down). Yes, that’s right, through the ages the fall has been that one ubiquitous dance move that never gets old, and Stance On Dance is bringing it back in vogue this holiday season. Your daring-do dance teacher Liz Brent gives you the basics, demonstrated by long-time faller Cooper Neely.¬†Named after Martha Graham, this fall will get you to the floor effortlessly, stunningly, and effervescently.

There’s more falls to come in the coming weeks!¬†Happy Holidays from Stance On Dance! And may all your falls be graceful and lithe!

Music by Trevor Davis