The Bunion: How to Successfully Throw a Fundraiser

By Maggie Stack and Emmaly Wiederholt


Need to raise some dough for your dance company? Follow our advice and let the money roll in! Fundraiser_pigeon

Step 1. Don’t call it a fundraiser. Go with a snazzy name! Choose between:






2. Everyone loves themed parties! Choose between one of the following themes, and make your guests dress accordingly:



-slumber party

-animal prints


3. Don’t just send a Facebook invite. Send out your invitations in a way your guests will never forget. Choose between:

-pigeon carrier

-stalker note

-candy gram

-classified mail


4. Entertainment is key. Go big or go home! Choose two or more of the following:Fundraiser_candygram

-ask Bono to perform (it never hurts to ask!)

-if Bono is busy ask Justin Timberlake

-incorporate live animals

-raffle off your dancers


5. Most important of all though is how to bring in the bacon:


-inebriate your guestsFundraiser_classified




If you use these tips for your next fundraiser, we promise great results! You will be able to pay your dancers’ health insurance bills and pay yourself with what’s left over! May the fundraising begin!