The Bunion: Hella Cool Awesome Dancer Interview

By Emmaly Wiederholt and Maggie Stack

Hella Cool Awesome Dancer1

Stance On Dance: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to share with us a little bit about your dance life.

Hella Cool Awesome Dancer: Duh! Dance is all about sharing! I share my bad ass body with the audience. I share my bad ass moves with YouTube. And I share my bad ass dancer thoughts with Stance On Dance, my favorite dance website. YOLO!

SOD: So when did you start dancing? Did you train hard?

HCAD: Yeah, I was pretty young when I started dance. I mean, I always kind of stuck out as the best so I didn’t need as much training, and I can naturally do the middle splits and eight pirouettes, but things like getting my hair to stay perfectly or not sweating as much have taken a lot of work! It’s one thing to be a bomb dancer, and it’s another thing to look good doing it!

SOD: What’s your favorite moment when you perform?

HCAD: When I have a solo and I know all those bitches behind me wish they could do what I’m about to do.

SOD: Would you say your closest friends are dancers?

HCAD: For sure! They’re my besties! I mean, sometimes they get jealous of my naturally athletic swimsuit model figure, and sure, sometimes I mention how they got cut in the first round of the last audition we went to, but underneath it all we’re BFFs for life!

SOD: What’s your signature move?

HCAD: Most definitely the one where I do three turns into a penchée arabesque split and then go into a round off.

SOD: Sounds impressive! Do you ever practice it on your bad side?

HCAD: Ummmm bad side? If you mean with the left leg, then no. I don’t want to look bad. If you mean there’s a bad side of my face, FYI my skin’s equally flawless on both sides.

SOD: What are your future ambitions?

HCAD: I think it would be cool to win So You Think You Can Dance or something. Spend some time on TV, ya know? Then I’d like to develop a perfume called “Swan’s Grace.” Then I’d like to just do some artsy shit, ya know? Like improvise by a tree or feel like my body is floating in chocolate. It would be cool to get in touch with my inner artist and show my fans that I have feelings inside my really awesome body.

SOD: Well thanks for taking the time to talk with us! Before you go, any advice for up-and-coming dancers?

HCAD: Never let anyone tell you that you suck, unless you really do. Also, just dance for the love of dance. And believe me you’ll love it a lot more when you can finally get your fat leg above your head! Finally, follow your heart. If your heart tells you that you look bad in that leotard, you probably should have gone with a baggy t-shirt with the neck cut out.

Hella Cool Awesome Dancer2