Sculptor Darcy J. Sears

My sculptures are always about the figure at rest or in motion.  After 23 years of sculpting the figure you would think I would be bored.  However, the human figure is never boring, never the same.  Each body is unique.  As an artist I look at people in a totally different light than the popular media or an ordinary person.  I see shapes, lines, forms, curves, angles and shadows and light.  I do not see fat or skinny or size 2 or size 12.  When the form is nude there are no sizes and no judgements.
Dancers are amazing to sculpt because they are so in their bodies.  They have spent so many years thinking about where a foot should be pointed or where a finger should be placed that their poses are stunning.  People who model for artists think a lot about what would be a great pose, but dancers live great poses.  I am not a dancer but as an artist I am honored to be able to participate in dance by sculpting their beautiful forms.
-Darcy J. Sears
Pictured: Bronze Dancer
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