About the Body and its Ghosts

By Julia Cost


Tonight I tried to take my daily run but my body wanted to be calm. Not lazy, just thirsty for peace.

This is a strange twist. When the body overdriven becomes its own sage. When you set out purposefully on your normal route and your carriage stops you.

Tonight it stopped me short of finishing the run and turned me down a quiet street. My hand lifted a gate to a playground, and my feet walked me to a swing.

I didn’t know what to do, but that didn’t matter. My torso let go, legs grabbed into the air, arms pulled, and I fell back into the pale dome of the evening sky.

Later, walking away, I turned around. The swing was still oscillating, one lone motion in the still evening. It made me want to cry then for the ghost still swinging. And for all of our ghosts– everything we leave behind affected, while we, too busy to stop, do not think of them again.