What’s in March’s flask?

Jake and Ryan love watching dance. They can’t get enough. Every month they plan their calendar around their favorite upcoming shows. But in order to ease the tension and get into the mood, they also bring a cocktail catered to that specific performance. So what’s in March’s flask?

jake with flask

Malinda LaVelle’s Project Thrust
“Kingdom” investigates the isolated worlds we build around ourselves; the people we depend on, the things we designate as “mine,” the stories we tell ourselves, and the illusions, hopes, and desires that fuel our perception of self.

Drink Selection: “MY Freakin’ Kingdom” is Ryan’s drink. Muddle together cherries, oranges and a dash of lemon juice. Add some Maker’s Mark, shake, pour and enjoy. Tips: don’t share, and drink it slow so you never get cold. In the end though, if it’s your drink you can do whatever you want!

Jake wants to be left alone in “MY Freakin’ Snow Globe.” Take your favorite pale ale and some pumpkin ice cream, give it a shake, top with Kahlua, and DON’T let anyone else TOUCH it! (There may or may not be inside jokes here. Come to the show to get in the know people!)

Fri, Mar 1, 8pm; Sat, Mar 2, 5 & 8pm, $10-20

The Garage, 715 Bryant St, SF



Sara Shelton Mann
“The EYE OF LEO: Peter” is a solo on Jesse Hewit.

In “Peter,” simple elements construct a game inside the mind as an electrical magnetism produces heat inside Jesse Hewit’s body.

From solo to solo, bodies change shape, weight, size and meaning.

“Peter” is facing the stars.

Drink Selection: We realize Peter is a boy’s name, but based on this description we would have guessed the piece is about “the change” that happens to a woman’s body at a certain age. And we figure this is dance… in San Francisco… after all. So we are making a “Jesse’s Hot Flash Toddy.” Bulliet bourbon, honey, lemon and the tea of your choice.  We suggest passion fruit.

Fri-Sat, Mar 1-2, 8pm, $15

Joe Goode Annex, 499 Alabama St, #150, SF



Faye Driscoll
“You’re Me” considers how we are constantly made-up and un-done by each other. Driscoll probes and obfuscates the inescapable nature of relationships as the contemporary, archetypal, fantastical, and personal crash into each other.

Drink Selection: “Oh hell no, I’m me.” Apricot brandy, gin, dry vermouth, lemon juice and cherry.

Thu-Sun, Mar 7-10, 8pm, $20-30

CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission St, SF



“ODC/Dance Downtown” includes world premieres by choreographers Brenda Way, KT Nelson and Kimi Okada, and a new artistic collaboration between Way, Nelson and New York-based choreographer Kate Weare.

Drink Selection: In program A, Brenda Way will be premiering “Life Saving Maneuvers.” This goes perfect with our dance safety tip kids… Omg, Don’t Chew and dance…or you’ll need “The Heimlich Maneuver.”  Light rum, dark rum, banana liqueur, blackberry liqueur, orange and pineapple juice and grenadine. 

Thu-Sat, Mar 14-16, 8pm; Sun, Mar 17, 4pm; Wed-Thu, Mar 20-21, 7:30pm; Fri-Sat, Mar 22-23, 8pm; Sun, Mar 24, 4pm, $15-75

YBCA, 700 Howard St, SF



Shen Wei
“Undivided Divided” is a performance installation comprised of a grid divided into 16 squares, inhabited by eight dancers. Audience members are invited to stroll amongst moving displays of painted dancers, projected videos, and sculptural installations.

Drink Selection: When you get to YBCA for this performance, feel free to check-in on Foursquare (for you geezers, Foursquare is a location-based social networking website). But with 16 squares involved in this dance, we are calling our drink “The Four Squared.” Get it? Basic math people. Crush up berries, add your strawberry-infused vodka* with some white crème de cacao and shake over ice.  (*Strawberry infused vodka: place cut up strawberries in a mason jar, add vodka and marinate for 3-5 days…strain and GET AT IT!).

Thu-Fri, Mar 21-22, 8pm; Sat, Mar 23, 5 & 8pm; Sun, Mar 24, 2 & 5pm, $20-30

YBCA, 701 Mission St, SF



Aura Fischbeck Dance
“Have we all melted yet?” investigates the myth of American identity and the melting pot theory.

Drink Selection: Turn up the heat you crazy cats.  We are making the “Homogenous Immigrants.”   Vodka, blue curacao and splash of cranberry. #redwhiteblue #mer’ca #iwantfonduenow

Fri-Sat March 22-23, 8pm, $15

The Garage, 715 Bryant St, SF



Sense Object (Miriam Wolodarski) & Richien (Rowena Richie & Jennifer Chien)
“Of Limb and Language,” choreographed by Miriam Wolodarski, is a game show, a communicational tragicomedy, and a brutal love affair between semantics and somatics. Richien’s “Twindependent,” is inspired by both the scientific and metaphorical implications of “twin.”

Drink Selection: A game show and a dance?!  We’ve never heard of this before! We are making “Tragicomedies for 500, Alex.” Vodka, grapefruit, splash of simple syrup, and orange juice.  For “Twindependent” we are making the “Twin Peaks,” OR call it the “Monozygotic Nipples.” Monozygotic means identical, so hopefully you catch our drift; same drink – just replace the vodka with gin. 

Thu-Sat, Mar 21-23 & Thu-Sat, Mar 28-30, 8pm, $20-30

CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission St, SF



Sean Dorsey Dance
“The Secret History of Love” is an evening-length suite of dances that reveals the underground ways that LGBT people managed to survive and love one another in decades past.

Drink Selection: “The Other Underground Railroad” is the drink for this piece.  Vodka, rum, blue curacao, peach schnapps and a splash of sweet and sour mix.

Thu-Sun, Mar 28-31, 8pm

Dance Mission Theater, 3316 Mission St, SF