The Bunion: Light Up the Dance Studio this Holiday Season

By Emmaly Wiederholt and Maggie Stack

Happy holidays everybody! May the season find you merry and bright! If you love the holidays as much as we do, you love getting into the spirit! And sometimes the spirit calls for more than just playing Feliz Navidad on repeat nonstop and taking hot buttered rum shots between combinations. Try these great ways to really get the festivities going!

1. Use LED lights to light up your tights! Turn those trunks into a Christmas tree!

bunion jingle tree trunks

2. Strategically place mistletoe EVERYWHERE. Just try to get through grande allegro without a smooch!

bunion jingle mistletoe

3. Pine scented scratch-n-sniff “Jingle” belt: readjusting never got better!

bunion jingle dance belt

4. B.Y.O.Y.L.T.D.D. Yup, you guessed it! Bring Your Own Yule Log To Dance Day!

bunion jingle yule log

5. Set up a token menorah for all the Batsheva wanna-be dancers! Here we come, Israel!

bunion jingle menorah