Photographer Rob Kunkle

“In dance as well as photography, I’ve noticed that there seems to be an obsession with finding this rare bird called perfection. For years now I’ve been taking an over-engineered camera that can’t help but make precision images and pointing at people who have trained for years to be incapable of anything but flawless motion. Oddly enough, what I’ve found time and time again is that the most captivating, the most interesting, the most beautiful images are not the perfect ones. Beautiful images are not flawless images.

I’m not knocking perfection; its terribly important for artists to try to make that long journey to try to capture perfection, if for no other reason than to be able to acknowledge it when the see it. I just think it is even more important for artists to keep looking to find the real source of beauty along the way. So lately I’ve been playing around with that idea, throwing some rough edges into the mix with a whole lot of perfection and seeing what develops. I’m really trying to¬†understand how distortion triggers our interest, alters perspective, and in the process creates beauty.”

-Rob Kunkle

Dancer: Emma Raker

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