Questions Worth Considering

By Julia Cost and Emmaly Wiederholt

When we began our hike, the fog lay heavy and gray, barely breaking at the Berkeley hills we were climbing. By the end of our hike, the fog had receded beyond The City, leaving the Bay Area sunny and clear. This in many ways mirrored our head space during the hike. The beginning was clouded with the whys and hows of art-making. And while we found no answers (there are none), the questions did seem to sift and settle, creating a clear platform of considerations all artists need to occasionally address.

1) Why are you where you are?

2) What are you saying with your work? Why are you making it?

3) What is worth your time?

4) What is the fight you should be fighting?

5) In your unedited moments, what is the thing that you accidentally say that is exactly what you want to say?

6) What is arbitrary and how can you eliminate those things?

7) Who are the people in your life who know what’s up?

8) How will you approach growing older?

9) What are you angry about and what are you going to do about it?

10) How does popularity play into your life and what does it do to your life?

11) How can you see what is in front of you and respect it but also be very rigorous about it?

12) How can you stop worrying about what others think? How can you get closer and closer to your voice?

13) What would happen if you were to isolate yourself for an extended period?

14) How can you eliminate insecurity? How can you let down whatever guards you have up?

15) How are you editing the way you represent yourself?

16) What do you need from society and why?

17) What can change your perspective?