Joe gives direction to two dancers. Some dummies are lying on the floor. The photo is in black and white with stark shadows.

Saving Space

Joe Landini, founder and current director of operations at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, CA, shares what his ride has been like running SAFEhouse in its various iterations over the years and how it intersects with his own choreography and creative endeavors.

Dr. Lucky leans back with her hand on her forehead. She is wearing a black camisole with sequins.

The Ph(Double)D of Burlesque

Dr. Lucky, a performance studies scholar at New York University and an acclaimed burlesque artist, shares what neo-burlesque is, why it’s important to study burlesque academically, and how her burlesque shows have moved with her from NYC to sunny New Mexico.

Two dancers dressed as patients lay on the floor while a third dancer dressed as a nurse leaps above them.

Dancing the Private Lives of Pilipinx Nurses

Kularts director Alleluia Panis, composer Joshua Icban, and dancer Jonathan Mercado discuss their upcoming production, Nursing These Wounds, a site-specific dance performance investigating the impact of colonization on Pilipinx health and caregiving through the lens of Pilipinx nurses’ history.