Who is Stance on Dance?

Have a question, opinion or a stance on dance? Contact the editor at Emmaly@StanceOnDance.com.

Stance on Dance’s editor, Emmaly Wiederholt, is a dancer and writer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received her MA in arts journalism from the University of Southern California and her BFA in ballet and BS in political science from the University of Utah. She further studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and has performed extensively around the Bay Area. She is a founding member of Malinda LaVelle’s dance theater company, Project Thrust. She has contributed regularly to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, In Dance, Caring Magazine, Cue Newspaper at the South Africa National Arts Festival, the Santa Fe Reporter and, of course, Stance on Dance, which she founded in March 2012. She currently works as the editor of Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe Magazine, and dances every second she’s not writing.

Emmaly was named one of the 2016 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 100 for her work on the Dancing Over 50 Project.

Emmaly Wiederholt


Many hundred dance artists have contributed to Stance on Dance. However, some have greatly contributed to the extent that it would not be what it is if not for these people:

Maggie Stack is a dancer, illustrator and interior designer living in San Francisco, CA. She makes The Bunion go round.

Maggie Stack

Gregory Bartning is a talented photographer based in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. Without him, the Dancing Over 50 Project would not exist.

Gregory Bartning

In addition to her work in Austin, TX advocating dance for people of all abilities, Silva Laukkanen masterfully molds the DanceCast podcasts.


A jack of all trades in Oakland, CA, Liz Brent manned the Men Who Dance Project, as well as contributes her whimsical drawings regularly.

Liz Brent

Thanks to these and many others who have contributed, followed and supported Stance on Dance as it has grown!