Articles from the ‘Viewpoints’ collection

Beyond Checking the Boxes

Jesse Bie, director of San Francisco’s STEAMROLLER Dance Company, reflects on his career and how queer and Asian American representation has evolved since he started working in the 90s.

On Labor and a Living Wage

Jessica Baldwin, Charles Slender-White and Matt Small, all artists in the Bay Area, discuss the topic of Labor and a Living Wage: Creating a Viable Life in the Arts, part of the series Tabled by Chlo & Co Dance.

Giving Children Room to Dance

New York City-based psychologist, dance/movement therapist, and dance educator Diane Duggan shares highlights from her long career as well as how dance for students with disabilities has changed over the decades, and what a dance education might look like in the future.

“I’ve Become an Advocate”

Ira Prince Perry, a member of Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin, describes the creative process putting together a show and how he’s become an advocate for the performing arts.