Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

Sungkuk is outside on dirt wearing blue pants. He leans forward to pick up a roll of toilet paper.

Dancing the Weight of Life

Sungkuk Kang, a dancer, choreographer, and the director of OnMom Company in Seoul, discusses his piece “How to Fold” that he choreographed and performed for the 2022 Korea International Accessible Dance Festival.

Three dancers hunched over in child's pose on stage with flower petals surrounding them.

“People Come into the Room and Make Work”

Deborah Slater, a choreographer in San Francisco and the organizer of Studio 210, a performance, rehearsal, and residency space, shares the history of the studio and how it has served as an incubator for myriad creative endeavors for more than four decades.

Seven dancers wearing white sit crosslegged on a tiled floor and look up at the camera.

Manifesting the Music and Stories of the Body

Evie Ladin, a body music choreographer based in the Bay Area, describes the impetus behind her piece “Water in the Kettle,” which combines Afrodiasporic polyrhythms with Appalachian folk singing to illuminate the struggles of modern women.