Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

Flamenco Inclusivo Photo by Sang Hoon Ok

Flamenco is for Every Body

José Galán, director of Flamenco Inclusivo in Seville, Spain, describes how flamenco as an art form can be expressed by every body, and how he has adapted the flamenco technique for people with disabilities.

Rethinking Home

Tucson-based dance artist, mother, and Latinx choreographer Yvonne Montoya reconfigures her work investigating the meaning of home in light of the pandemic.

Kayla Hamilton: “Do I Need to Name It?”

“Is Blackness performative disability? How do we de-center sight as a primary source of consumption? Are there different ways of using description of aesthetic and accessibility?” NYC-based visually impaired dancer/choreographer Kayla Hamilton asks all this and more in her interview as part of the Discussing Disability in Dance Project.