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Pace and Space

BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT There’s no denying that different environments – big cities, small towns, countryside retreats, even different geographical areas like foggy coastlines or expansive deserts…

Rehearsal for the play 'must get ripped / Habrá que ponerse cachas' in Dantzagunea hall. Orereta (Basque Country). February 27. 2017. This play is an inclusive Dance choreography, written by French inclusive dancer Maylis Arrabit. (Gari Garaialde / BostokPhoto)

Maylis Arrabit’s Story

Maylis Arrabit is a French performer and choreographer who dances (mostly) from her wheelchair. She shares her personal journey finding dance, her decision to pursue it…

Give You The Lines HORIZ

Am I A Professional?

BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT; ILLUSTRATION BY CAMILLE TAFT Am I a professional dancer? The question reads like something out of those “advice for dancers” columns I read in…