Black Friday Sale on Authentic Dancewear

Black Friday is upon us, that special day when dancers everywhere stock up on dancewear! This year take advantage of our great deals!



Boyfriend Socks – They look like your boyfriend’s socks (and show off that you have a dude to casually steal clothes from), but his actual socks are… dank… and therefore not ideal. With our Boyfriend Socks, you can still accomplish that casual bro-sock look while dancing confidently with the knowledge there are no hidden fungi in your socks. Available now for $34.27 (Remember, they don’t smell!)

Bunion - Boyfriend socks

T-shirt with Neckline Torn Out – We all know that real dancers tear the neck seam out of their t-shirts before wearing them, but how many times have you tried to achieve this look only to realize you’ve cut out too much or too little? Let us do the cutting for you! We’ve collected second-hand t-shirts from the thriftiest of thrift stores and, with artisanal precision, artfully cut out the neckline! Available now for $74.27 (Don’t forget, this is artisanal clothing!)

Bunion - Cut out neck t-shirt

Pants with No Elastic and Small Holes – It takes forever to wear in your favorite pair of dance pants to the point of no elastic and small holes! What if you could just skip to that happy phase of worn-out and slightly indecent dance pants? Now you don’t have to wait! We buy high-end Lululemon and Athletica pants, age them in a sweaty lost-and-found, and painstakingly wear them out until the elastic no longer holds and small holes dot the seams, making you look legit without that awkward interim where your pants look a little too new for comfort. Available now for $156.95 (You think it’s easy to wear out pants at an industrial pace?!)

Bunion - worn out pants

Leggings – Leggings are so popular nowadays, they’re the perfect I-don’t-want-to-change-later-so-I’ll-wear-my-dance-clothes-all-day-and-pretend-they’re-everyday-clothes outfit! However, there’s no need to pay $40 or $50 for two pieces of elastic fabric sewn together. It’s not the leggings that make the bod hot; it’s the bod that makes the leggings hot! Available now for $7 (You didn’t actually pay $50 for yours, did you?)

Bunion - leggings


Get our authentic dancewear now! Available before 4 a.m. on Black Friday only! Get up or miss out!

2 Responses to “Black Friday Sale on Authentic Dancewear”

  1. stanceondance

    Hi Martha, thanks for your feedback. I removed the offending langauge, but it simply was meant to imply that if you aren’t wearing cut up t-shirts and holy pants, you’re not an authentic dancer (a spoof on so much of the Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit Magazine language). Never did I intend or imply anything about body size. My apologies if that was your reaction. As stated, that language is removed. Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Martha Wagner

    I love reading the blogs, but this sales pitch, while meant to be humorous, is not really funny and does not reflect the content of the blog, which makes clear that dancers are all sizes and shapes and do not fit old stereotypes of what dancers should look like.


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