A Dancer’s Winter


Happy National Poetry Month from Stance on Dance!

Written to the Movement Artists’ Ensemble:


Quiet now our feet & deep

our dance-less nod

dreaming perhaps of movement

dreaming perhaps of floor

thirsting for mirrored light

& yes quick silver notes

that rise us through doorways

only our bodies can explain


like leaves whose dances

have been felled

to the leveling

of snow

we curl to embryos

our lives sleeping in our bellies


tired spent content

to lie supine

upon pale days

& cold nights


brief bloodless beauties–

divas with forgetfulness

of sweat & radiant musk

& graze of hand, ricochet of hips–

no longer receiving weight

not our own

nor trusting our bones

to other bones


each to her own

slumber, separate…

all the rest absent,

sundered & scattered,

by this fallow time.

–January 2011

Escondido, California

A Dancer's Winter, By Liz Brent


Gwyn Henry is the woman behind Movement Artists Ensemble (MAE), a group of women in Escondido, CA who are moving into their middle years and beyond and who come together to improvise, take video footage, and weave the footage into dance poetry on film. To learn more, click here.

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  1. Gwyn Henry

    Love this post post! Liz Brent’s illustration is wonderfully evocative of the gestating Winter spirit of the poem… while now, with the return of the sun, MAE is beginning to stir…gearing up for Spring adventures! Thanks\ you for the post… We are inspired to dance on and on.

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